ESSENTIAL LEADERSHIP offers simple, yet deeply transformational processes that support purposeful Leaders, Executive Coaches, and their organizations through both individual and leadership team coaching.



We use the Leadership Circle™ model as the foundation for all of our work.  All individuals and groups entering the Essential Leadership processes will complete a Leadership Circle™ 360 profile as a starting point.  

The Leadership Circle™ profile has been designed to offer a map of the current ways in which each individual perceives and responds to their work and life.  By seeing clearly both the behaviors (generative and limiting) that others experience from us, and the beliefs and assumptions that drive those behaviors, we can begin to operate from a place of conscious intention, more openness, more clarity, and more resourcefulness in meeting whatever is occurring. No matter what.


Whether we are working with you individually, or together with your team, every Essential Leadership Process places a greater emphasis on direct experience than on conceptual models and mental processing. We move intentionally from cerebral understanding, to something you can experience "in your bones."

Most practices we will introduce, like Leadership Presencing, Deep Listening, Immunity, and The Shift are grounded in a fundamental premise that when our actions are sourced from a natural connection with the Present, and not a story we are making up about the present... and when we are operating from our Whole self, and not a thin slice of who we are... we then have access to a greater clarity, a Bigger View, and an open yet powerful presence... that is at once deeply familiar, and at times quite surprising in its ability to navigate complexity.  

As we operate more and more from this place of Presence, we discover a new level of trust in ourselves, and in the endless creative potential that exists, no matter the circumstances.


We believe every client has different needs and timing for their coaching exploration.  For that reason, we do not offer a standard coaching package.  Most individual coaching clients begin with four to six 90-minute sessions, then we follow your own natural rhythm in creating a follow up coaching plan that best meets your needs.


We offer both executive team and group cohort leadership processes to support mission- and purpose-focused organizations who wish to continually evolve in bringing their Purpose to life.


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