The world is at a turning point. Each of us is being asked to open to new ways to practice our craft, to lead our organizations into an unknown future, and to be in service to a world on the brink. There is now a compelling step beyond our comfort zones and bring all of who we service to what really matters.  But how?

The Essential Leadership Process supports purpose-driven Leaders and Executive Coaches in becoming free to do the work you were designed for. Free of the limiting assumptions you've carried about who you "should" be and how the world works... that have kept you operating out of a small slice of who you actually are.

We offer simple transformational practices that will help unlock the more limited experience of who you have imagined yourself and your organization to order to unleash the fullest expression of service to your life, the mission that ignites you, and the greater world community. 


Come... return to the root of the root of yourself.    ~rumi