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Executive Coach

For over two decades, Peggy’s clients have gained enormous benefit from her ability to engage with leaders and their teams in transformational processes.

As Executive Coach and Catalyst, Peggy has offered hundreds of leaders across Europe, Asia, and the Americas, simple yet profound tools for achieving radical new insights; enabling them to create sustainable breakthroughs in leadership, team functioning, innovation, and business results.

Peggy’s work is deeply rooted in the sacred, weaving together her graduate training in psychology / counseling and 25 years of executive coaching, with 40 years of yoga, QiGong, tai chi, meditation, and other body-mind practices.

Clients as diverse as apparel giant VF Corporation, Franklin Templeton, Glaxo, United Airlines, SAS Institute, Rex Healthcare, BB&T, Verizon, University of Notre Dame, University of North Carolina, the United Way, and Sisters of Mercy / Sisters of St Joseph, have engaged Peggy to offer their leaders long term executive team processes, high potential leader programs, and executive coaching processes that are based on a deliberate, conscious inside-out approach to development.

Her latest offering, A Return to Wholeness Retreats, has been described by participants as a deeply transformational journey that re-connects them to the experience of their Essential Wholeness... enabling them to engage with their work in more meaningful, powerful, connected, and visionary ways.

What Clients Say...

"I had the privilege of meeting and working with Peggy McAllister in her capacity as Executive Coach while I was President of VF Jeanswear, Latin America.   Peggy was excellent in establishing an environment of trust and directing me with questions that never felt threatening, invasive or judgmental, but getting quickly and objectively to the heart of the issues.    But as effective and important as this individual work was, the true value of Peggy’s contribution to me as a leader and to the VF Jeanswear top executive team, was very evident when we started working all together with her as a facilitator in a deep transformational leadership process moving away from a reactive style into a more participative one."  ~Silverio Gomez,  President @ VF Jeanswear- Latin America (now retired)

"Peg is by far the most accomplished executive coach and facilitator that I have worked with in my 20+ years experience.   As my executive coach, she demonstrated a masterful ability to ask thoughtful and provocative questions and challenged me to explore my own assumptions and have the courage to achieve my full potential.  Because of Peg, I am a better leader and a better person."  ~Theresa Brett, Director Strategic Talent @ Rex Healthcare

"Peggy helped me gain tremendous personal insights into how I can become a more effective and authentic leader, parent and spouse. She has incredible empathy & compassion, combined with an uncanny ability to bravely cut through to the truth in a way that respects & nourishes you. I highly recommend working with her, especially if you are open to new journeys in your life." ~Soon Yu, Best-Selling Author of “Iconic Advantage,” former Global Head of Innovation.

What Participants in Return to Wholeness Retreats Say...

DAVE SCHRADER- Partner, Full Circle Group N.A.

This retreat is a true invitation to transformation! Very restorative for seasoned practitioners, Peggy’s loving, masterfully skilled facilitation invited us all to explore our inner landscapes without fear. I found myself doing some deep inner-work and, at the same time, learning new ways to make the depth and breadth of the Leadership Circle more available to clients. A brilliant workshop / retreat!

ROSS BROOKS- CEO Mountain Family Health Centers

In Frederick LaLoux’s “The Future of Management is Teal,”  he writes “Behind the façade of success, many top leaders are tired of the power games and infighting; despite their desperately overloaded schedules, they feel a vague sense of emptiness. All of us yearn for better ways to work together – for more soulful workplaces where our talents are nurtured and our deepest aspirations are honored.”

These two sentences were the call for me to take a leap of faith and attend a Return to Wholeness Retreat in Connecticut with Peggy McAllister in the summer of 2017. Half expecting to learn the latest and greatest Harvard Business Review techniques on managing myself and reducing employee burnout, what I learned instead was to return to breath, to welcome the wisdom of silence, and to remember who I am. 

Peggy’s approach balances practical Leadership 360 techniques with spiritual practices from various traditions. Peggy is an otherworldly gem; radiating love, compassion, passion, and a deep calling to help others return to wholeness. For any leader feeling a sense of emptiness or asking “is this really what I thought I’d be doing when I grew up?” I highly recommend attending a Return to Wholeness Retreat (or more!) with Peggy McAllister.

AMY PASQUALE - Founder Green Mesa Consulting.

This workshop is masterfully facilitated through the use of simple brushstrokes that encircle the individuals and the group - inviting you all together and individually deeper into yourself. I left with an indelible understanding of how to simply and effectively unlock the power of the Leadership Circle Profile tool for myself and for others. 

Peggy embodies her own return to wholeness and radiates such a light that seems to have only one goal and that’s to share what she’s learned with such confidence and gentleness that instead of feeling “oh I couldn’t possibly find my way back” - you instead feel buoyed, confident and loved. The Return to Wholeness retreat is something I’m eager to experience again and count among the top 2 or 3 personal and professional dev. experiences in my life. 

AMY FELIX-REESE - SVP Client Services, Full Circle Group NA

Return to Wholeness is the next deep dive into embracing the integral You. As Peggy expertly invited participants into a sacred space of trust, openness and support, she guided us to step into our Essential Self, acknowledge the gifts of our reactive, patterned thinking, and commit to the Presence of choosing from consciousness. Her expert facilitation utilizes multiple modalities to appeal to many different learning approaches. Since taking part in her process and program, I’m amazed at what has unfolded – and continues to unfold in my experience called Life. I highly recommend this for anyone ready to shift their Presence into the Creative and Integral.

JEFF STONE- Owner, Potentia Consulting

As practitioners, we can’t ask others to do the work that we haven’t done ourselves. The RTW retreat offers the opportunity to do important inner work that can profoundly impact your life and that of your clients. How do I know? It was so powerful for me, I returned a second time and had an even deeper experience of my essential self. Following the retreat, I applied the tools Peggy teaches with a client who had been stuck for a long time, and in one session, it literally rocked her world!

ANGELO VITALE- EVP and General Counsel, Quicken Loans

As an executive (not an executive coach), I honestly didn’t know what to expect from attending The Return to Wholeness Retreat. As it turns out, for me, it was the pause that refreshes. This restorative, “unplugged” time for discernment and fellowship has proved to be a precious gift to myself and others with whom I engage every day “back in the real world.” It’s really hard to describe the impact this retreat has had on me, personally and professionally. But if I had to sum it up in just one word: Enriching (on so many levels). So treat yourself to this amazing experience; you’re worth it!